Don’t be ARSD® Membership


Don’t be ARSD® Membership is an online program to help you create the work life you really want – the challenges, the opportunities, the rewards, the fit with you life.

There’s a bunch of short video tutorials from one of Australia’s busiest key note speaking coach… along with weekly group coach calls and a tribe for support.



Don’t be ARSD® Membership is an online career program
to help you go from stuck or small or dissatisfied,

Don't be ARSD® where women learn to tackle self-doubt so they can create more rewarding careers


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H O W   D O E S
D O N’ T   B E   A R S D®
W O R K ?

Don’t be ARSD® Membership has the resources and the support crew to get you from stuck to loving your job and being recognised for your efforts.

This resource kit is a proven 3-Step Strategy, with short video tutorials, workbooks and work sheets, plus irregular, empassioned live webinars 🙂

Apply any of the strategies from the single videos for immediate benefit… or layer the steps to amplify their impact.



L A Y E R   O N E – T A K I N G   S T O C K

This is where you start to define what you want most of all and what strengths and brilliance you can leverage. Here you set the foundation with clarity.

Define your values, your skills and strengths, learn prioritisation techniques, create a job wish list.



L A Y E R   T W O – C O U R A G E

Here we speed things up. Examine why your brain gives you the messages that it does, then choose what to rewrite it with.

We look at unconscious bias – how yours is working against you, reprogramming your brain, mindfulness, confidence, creating a vision that actually delivers.



L A Y E R   T H R E E – E X E C U T I V E   P R E S E N C E

It’s being seen, being heard. Not changing who you are, not game – playing. Just letting your brilliance shine. Appropriately, unapologetically, you.

This is where you will expertly embrace the spotlight. Not by becoming someone you’re not, but by expanding your comfort zone, to accommodate greater respect for the work you do.

We’re building your communication in all it’s facets – difficult conversations, impactful presentations, coaching your team, negotiating a pay rise. Helping you to map out the influencers, understanding motivations and anticipating change and future directions.

Great Exec Presence is what attracts Supporters, Advocates, Promotions and opportunities.

community resources Coach Q&ADon’t be ARSD deepens your awareness of self, your awareness of others and it amplifies your communication skills.

I’m Cath, I’ll be your primary coach.

You’ll hear me in the video tutorials and in many of the weekly Q&A coach calls. The Coach team and I will be asking you the questions that will help you find your answers.

Hit a road block? Stumped? Lacking motivation? Every week you’ll have the opportunity to ask me or one of our Coaches your questions, in our group coach call.

Plus you can chat with the Tribe any time. Feel the supporter love. Other chicks who want the same as you: kind leadership, meaningful work… for your time and effort and brilliance to be rewarded.


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